Mike Jensen

Independent IT, Internet and Telecom Consultant

African Internet and Telecoms Information 

Although all of Africa's 54 countries and territories have internet connectivity, the challenge now is to broaden access and ensure that costs are brought down. Usage is still low and communication charges are often 10 - 100 times more expensive than developed countries, mainly due to the lack of infrastructure and the high prices charged by operators taking advantage of the restrictions on market entry that are still in place in most countries.

Africa and the Internet (Italian)

Africa and the Internet (French)  2nd article

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Current Projects:

World Food Programme (WFP): Terrestrial Connectivity Strategy

Internet Society (ISOC): Addressing policy barriers to increased connectivity - a guide for developing countries

African Development Bank: Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa

World Bank: Fibre Connectivity in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sao Tome, Guinea and Gambia